Bailie Balfour claims victory for drivers as major changes made to running of Glasgow’s bus lanes

Bailie Malcolm Balfour has claimed a victory for drivers as major changes are made to the running of Glasgow’s controversial bus lanes.

Bus lanes which previously operated on a 24-hour basis will now only operate between 7am and 7pm.

The local Councillor for Drumchapel/Anniesland has campaigned for the changes for over three years, and has confirmed that signage and road markings will be amended by the end of August.

Speaking to the Evening Times, Bailie Balfour said: “This is an absolutely fantastic decision and great that the bus lane times have been changed.

“After a long-fought campaign, we have finally succeeded. There will be no longer any 24-hour bus lanes, which makes sense for a number of years we have had no 24-hour bus services.

“Peak bus lanes will stay the same in the morning, but will be extended by half an hour in the evening to bring them in line with the other bus lanes.

“I really do think this will help stop people straying into the wrong lanes at the wrong times.

“This in the continuation with no charges on Christmas Day and New Years’ Day is really a huge benefit to Glasgow.”

Read more at the Evening Times here.


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